Someone please just tell me that i am annoying and get it over with sweet mother of god please leave me alone if you do not wish to talk to me i am just in a really funny stupid mood were i hate myself. fuck. ugh.

Hey inherifamily. ranting because I’m awkward yay. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, just dealing with stuff irl. It’s all dragonshit, to be perfectly honest. bleh

… / Can’t find links to inherific/ Did I miss something? owo Okay. Take that as a yes. If anyone feels like they can be bothered to inform me that’d be wonderful. Fo srs, hate being out of the loop.

Okay. owo Also i found a magical gateway that leads to a world of sherlock, doctor who and inheritance all rolled up into one. Follow meeeee~



I got bored, kay.

RP anyone? 

Or we can just fangirl/boy over everything. Derp.