Aela the Huntress (Skyrim) Cosplay

By Chloe Dykstra


Hey killer, what's up?: Lara Croft cosplayers..




…I can’t stand them anymore.
The whole Tomb Raider/Lara Croft tag is full of them.
Since the reboot was released every second girl thinks she’s perfect for cosplaying Lara Croft.
No you’re not!! Just because Lara looks more “ordinary” now doesn’t mean she…

It’s smart that you would turn off your inbox’s anonymous feature so you can make a dumb statement like this. Everyone has a right to cosplay whichever character they wish to. It must not have occurred to you the possibility that Lara is special to other people as well.

The world doesn’t revolve around you so get over it.

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Mary (Game: IB)


Mary (Game: IB)


Yusei Fudo: This is Satellite by *Malindachan

Saturday Cosplay: Major Jin Kisaragi, Lieutenant Noel Vermillion and Torakaka

So for our first day my little sister, our friend Tiffy and myself  cosplayed from Blazblue. I loved how our cosplayed turned out. To tell you the truth we didn’t sleep at all finishing our cosplay. I have cosplayed Litchi Faye-Lin from Blazblue but to be honest I liked my Jin cosplay more, <3 We did end up in a video and I can’t wait to see it.



First Look at “Warrior Wonder Woman”

I can’t believe the stars aligned and I finished this costume in time to debut at SOFA 2012 in Bogota, Colombia.

Inspired by an original design artist Tess Fowler and I collaborated on, the concept draws from several iterations of Wonder Woman throughout the years, peppered with original elements. While I adore Linda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman (“In your satin tights, fighting for your rights!”), I’ve always preferred the first lady of comics as a warrior. An Amazon. A total BAMF. We’ll debut the full illustration at a later date! 

I’ll also put together extensive build notes and credits soon, but a huge shout out goes to Thomas Ignatius, who’s been my leatherworking mentor over the last few months. I constructed all of the costume (armor, props, skirt, belt, and so on) aside from the corset. Having never made one this complex, Tom and I knocked out the corset over a very long day, with me playing assistant. His incredible skill with leather shines through in the shape and fit of it. Perfect. I then took the corset home detailed it with the eagle crest, rivets, and dirt/blood.

Also, a side thank you to God Save the Queen Fashions, who inspired me to try my hand at leather working!

Hope you like the photos! More to come later tonight

Photo by OnLivo

I think wow just about covers it. Incredibly impressive detail on the costume.

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Casting call!

Anyone want to cosplay Mary from the game Ib with me and my friend Rosie? We need a Brit, and it would help if you had like skype or fb so we could talk about a date. It won’t be any time soon, probably after Christmas, but yer. Any takers?

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Welllll here are more pictures from our Left 4 Dead shoot last night - it didn’t turn out so well, in all honesty, haha. It was my first time shooting 1: at night and 2: with my glasses, so most of the pictures turned out just a tiny bit too blurry/out of focus to use. :c Or too boring.

We’re planning on going back in a couple of weeks, hopefully. I won’t wear my glasses, I think.

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Little boy lost at Comic Con.






At Comic Con a little boy had lost his dad in the crowd, and was scared until he saw the Flash and Wonder Woman. He went up to the Flash to asked for help, because he knows him.


Moments when you know you’re cosplaying it right.

This is beautiful



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More Zellis love with deltastic! ♥ OTP!