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by karubi

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Don’t you love how in the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi looked ten years old and by the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM he looked like a slightly older ten year old even though he is 15 in the beginning and the series ends 2 yrs later. He’s so Cute though! i mean look at his face. Thank god we see that he did manage to hit puberty about 13 yrs later at the end of gx and looks like yami but is still shorter than jaden who is 18 at the time and he is EFFIN 30!! (I think..) and for some reason can send Jaden back in time to duel his past self and yami?

According to my calculations, Older Yuugi is actually 26 the beginning of GX. It said that GX took 10 years after the original DM. but by the time GX finished and Older Yuugi met Judai, it would almost be 3 years later, making older yuugi almost 30, but not quite.

The reason they shield Older Yuugi eyes was to make fans assumed he had grown up to be just like Atem.

One can say things seeing as he is more build and taller, not to mention keeps to himself (something he likely learn from atem) so…

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